If a piano is played regularly, it is recommended it should be tuned every 6 months. If it is played infrequently, then 12 months should suffice. Any longer and the piano may drift further out of tune and be problematic to rectify.


If you would like advice on your piano, or are thinking of buying one but you're not sure what to look for, don't hesitate to call - advice is free!


It is recommended also, that you do research on any piano tuner - Get in contact with The Piano Tuners Association for advice on piano tuners in your area. 


It is not uncommon for pianos to be in need of minor repair work. This could be a loose hammer, a broken key, or a squeaky pedal. The best way to find out if it needs repairing is to get in touch for free advice. In Most cases, sticky keys and bad regulation on odd notes can be sorted as a part of the tuning.


We always have pianos for sale, but they're yet to go on the website. For the latest pianos, please call.